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Hey there! My name is Mallory, but I feel like that is a mouthful and people always get it wrong when I say my name over the phone SO I go by Mal. Growing up with a grandpa who is a contractor and an Uncle who is an interior designer it is in my blood to love all things design. I love seeing things and recreating my own masterpiece. I love refinishing furniture and giving old things new life. I love traveling and seeing all the beautifully unique places the world has to offer. I'm obsessed with accents and languages. I talk in accents frequently and am currently learning Portuguese.. I'm a hopeless romantic who loves to love, a mommy of a 3 year old malti-poo named Roxy, a do it yourself enthusiast, a project and craft junkie,  MODEL, SINGER & ACTRESS, CERTIFIED NAIL TECHNICIAN, CERTIFIED DENTAL/ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT, a DESIGN STUDENT, and I'm a MORMON.