DIY:: {Aztec/Geometric} Tunic

Ok, you guys are going to DIE at how easy this tutorial is!

Aztec and other geometric prints on clothing are EVERYWHERE these days! I decided it was time to add this fun trend to my closet!!
 So the other day Joann's was having an amazing sale and coupons galore! I decided to stop in and see if I could find anything great. Well I found this geometric/Aztec printed knit. It wasn't on sale, but I had a 60% off coupon! SCORE!I got 2 yards of it because I loved it so much and to make sure I had enough fabric for my project.

 Pattern inspiration:
H&M  $34.95

ASOS  $75.94

ChicWish $54.90 $46.67

I decided to go for a high-low tunic. Something comfy but cute that I could dress up or down. And this knit is perfect because it is actually really warm, yet breathable!
Style inspiration:
Free People Tunic $88

Materials Needed:
*Fabric {I got 2 yards just to be safe.}
*Sewing machine/ matching thread
*Buttons/ zipper {optional}
*Marking chalk/ marker
*1-2 hours depending on your skill level


Step 1:
Lay your fabric flat, right sides facing in, draw your pattern out or use a sweater/ shirt you like and trace. make sure to leave 1/2 inch for seam allowance.

Step 2:
Cut out pattern. Also cut out 2 sleeves {make sure you cut it out on the fold}

When cutting out your sleeves, make sure you cut it on the fold, also make sure your print will go the same way as the body of your fabric- this is a huge step when cutting and using any kind of design.

Step 3:
Sew right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder and sides of the shirt. Also sew sleeves.

Step 4:
Turn sleeve right side out. Insert it into the arm hole, pin and sew. Do this to each arm.

{Step 5:
If you want a cardigan, cut a straight line right down the center of the front section of the fabric.}

Step 6:
For a "high-low" affect cut an arch out on the front panel of fabric.

Step 7:
Hem neck, sleeves, and bottom of shirt.
{if you are making an open cardigan make sure to hem the opening sides as well. If you want you can add a zipper or button holes if you want the option of it closing. This is the step to do that, then hem.}

Step 8:
ENJOY!! Pair it with some leggings and your favorite boots, maybe even a hat!

I'd love to see what you made! Send me pictures and get featured on the blog!
Want one made?? Contact me and I'd be happy to make one for you!

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